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[Table] IAmA: Alright you perverts! I'm that dude with three testicles...ask me anything!

2014.03.26 01:53 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: Alright you perverts! I'm that dude with three testicles...ask me anything!

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Date: 2014-03-25
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Do you have a nickname for the almighty tri-sack? The trinity? Three musketeers? Threes -a-company? The trinity is my favourite so far..
Trifecticles? The Three Nutskateers? Ballverly Hills Cop lll? Never mind that last one. You're The Juggernutt, bitch! Hahah awesome!
Do you know doubledickdude? WAIT Are YOU also doubledickdude? Nope and nope. Sorry!
Would you rather have 2 dicks or are 3 testicles better? Testciles.
Have you ever considered naming them Alvin, Simon, and Theodore? Which one would be Alvin? Alvin is the right one, theo the left, simon the middle.
Wait.. Your right or my right? My right.
Your your right or my your right? Always mine.
Why did you want to show your genitals onto a random forum like reddit? You said in your first post "Finally I turned 18" or something like this. Which showed a general excitement. Was you excited to show your private parts out? I know it's funny, but were you in general excited? Ahaha I just know reddit would go crazy over my balls!
TFW I know people love my balls and want to know more about them. Haha darnit!
Relief that people know - Regret for posting pictures at all - Wishing you'd posted more - Shame that you took dong photos with a dirty mirror. Im kinda neutral on the fact that thousands of people have seen my balls, and no shame!
Any issues with running? Also, and most important, when it's hot out do all 3 stick to your legs or just two leaving the 3rd hanging like a little meatball pendulum? All three. Two to the left, one to the right.
Although for you, they're actually called 3UNDR. Hahaha.
How many people know about this? Close friends? Relatives? Siblings? What were their reactions? Initial reactions from sexual partners? Literally three people. Doctor, mom, dad.
Thanks for the reply, follow up. Have you ever had a hormone test done to see if you produce more testosterone than the average joe? No I havent but as you probably noticed I am not very hairy ahah.
Are you type A (all three testicles fully functional, connected to a vas deferencs) or type B (no connection to vas deferens)? What's a typical reaction from a partner? from doctors or nurses? I wanna say type B, but I'm not really sure. I've had the same doctor forever, and he's known for a long time, so there isnt much a reaction. No friends or partners even know.
Thanks for replying - I didn't know it was possible. Now I'm going to wonder if a partner who's touchy about his balls is actually very sensitive or maybe hoping I won't notice something. J/k. Sort of. Haha yeah I know. I guess ill just rock it and see what happens.
I would think the reaction would be similar to what you see here - curiosity, a few questions, I can't imagine it'd be negative. Yeah I hope so. *girl throws up.
So, have you not had any sexual experiences before? Or did they just not notice? Ive dabbled. Nobody has noticed. It wasnt that intense.
WAIT WAIT WAIT. I have to old are you? (Not that everybody needs to lose their virginity before 18, but um, I need to know I just looked at legal balls if I was gonna look at balls at all this afternoon) Haha yes I am 18. March 15 birthday.
Does the term "balling" have a different meaning to you? Whenever I hear someone say it I turn my head to see if that person was talking to me.
Do you have a ball-related nickname? Not yet but reddit has given me tons.
Why? Do people who know you generally know about this? And is that something preordered say, referencing your condition? Nope.
Do you have a favorite? Right one is the most normal.
What about poor old lefty? Eh he gets by.
With a little help from his friends? Yup.
Have you ever wished you had a different number of testicles? I mean, 2 has gotten pretty stale for me. Do you ever dream of like, 4.5 testicles? Or even 4.6? Im thinking right now and although this is interesting 2 would be prime.
Has a girl ever put all three in her mouth?! Unfortnately not yet;-)
Have you thought about doing porn? Yes but no.
3 balls is a rarity. Rarity = more money. Oh ya and secks and stuff. Haha u bet.
If you give them a squeese, which one hurts the most? The leftest one. It's the weirdest.
Are you like, the bravest guy in the world? Not sure I did anything that astounding?
But now whenever someone says to you, "wow you've got balls", you can be like, "yes. three of them, to be exact." Yuup.
How do you not get testicular torsion? I careful.
Do you battle fear of rejection or teasing while dating? Have you tried/thought of getting one removed? Is that even a possibility? (Questions of the female mind) Ive thought of getting one removed, sometimes I think of fear and rejection but then realise I could probably play it right. I'm sure it is a possibility.
Unless there is a medical reason, I don't think you need to remove any to feel better about yourself. It's not a big deal, honestly, more like novelty. And if my boyfriend had three balls, all my girlfriends would know, because I would brag. Yeah I probably wont to be honest...but knowing its an option...
Have you ever compared how much you ejaculate to another man? Would you say less or more? Nope I have not.
Maybe even less.
Three is my lucky number. Did that factor into your ball count? Yes.
Pretty Ballsy to post this if you ask me. sorry had to Question: how do partners generally react? Haha none have found out. I'm not gonna go say I've been with many though...because I haven't.
I feel like it would be hilarious if you never tell a future GF or wife and just see how long it takes, imagine their reaction if they don't notice for like 3 years. would be a cool experiment.
Did [this] (Link to joke go over your head when you first saw it, or did you always know that you had one more scrote than what's considered "normal"? Hahah ive known since people started making nut jokes!
Yo got balls. Anyways, are there any positives/negatives you have with having the..yanno... three musketeers? Negative, they take up a bit more room and would be awkward to explain. Positive...I can say I have three balls?!
I don't see how you could give an honest answer since you don't know how much friction 2 balls cause. Exactly what the problem is with most questions.
Is the bounciness a problem when you go for a jog? Also have you ever worn spandex at the beach? The bounciness isnt really an issue with the right underwear and I can't say i've ever worn spandex at the beach...
Newton's Cradle? Link to Hahah yes!
Which one do you think is worse? Having 3 balls or 1 ball? 3 prally.
Have you ever been Eddie Torres for halloween? Nope but I might this year? I'm not too old yet!
Wait a second... I just looked at your balls. How fucking old are you? Just 18.
Obviously your parents and probably close family are aware. Is it solid joke material within the family circle? You don't seem to be sensitive to the issue. My parents know but they have never joked about it.
How bad does it hurt to get kicked in the balls? Pretty bad just like anybody.
Do they affect your confidence with girls at all? It doesn't look like they'd even notice it truthfully. No it hasnt. Im just scared if maybe one did find out...
Do you like that you have 3 testicles or is it a bit of a problem to you ? Id rather just have 2 tbh.
Don't say that! You've been blessed! Hahaha.
Are they all the same size and function the same? And if so, do they require any extra "attention?" The rightest is a bit bigger. They dont require extra attention.
Care to elaborate on your decision? I mean.. 30 of them?? The more the merrier.
Would you mind donating the extra to James LaBrie or Roger Hodgson? For $20 000.
I don't think you know what "donate" means. I guess I oberlooked that.
Holy shit you're also Canadian. Somehow I see this as our new secret super weapon. Other than being more masculine than every other man by default, what other super powers do you have? Can you control your erection like Brock Sampson? I can punch people with my boner.
Has any classy lady had the pleasure of fitting all three in her mouth? Nope nobody has had the pleasure...
Is this literally your most asked question? I've seen it at least three times myself! :P Most asked is "how big are your loads"
Can you knock the paint off walls with your mighty orgasms? Its like a pressure washer.
I only have one. Can you hook me up? Im putting it on silk road for 100 bitcoin.
How do you feel about women with 3 boobs? Have you met one? Do they feel the same about you? Are you sad you don't have 3 Are my questions getting to weird for you? How bout now?..OK I'm done. Hahahaha.
What is the weirdes reaction that someone have given you when they found out? Unfortunately I don't have any of these stories...
Psh. Man it's Reddit... Just lie! I did show my friends the post so they have all secretly seen my balls now though!
What did they say? They all just laughed!
It is going to blow their mind when they find out it was your ball sack you showed them. . . I aint telling them.
Do you get 1.5 times the amount of satisfaction i get when i unstuck my balls from my thigh? Yes but it comes with 50% more discomfort...
At this point in the AMA I have to ask... How many creepy weird messages have you received regarding your tri-nuts? About 20PMs from dudes asking to put my balls in their mouths...and another 30PMs from girls just saying normal stuff about them. The guys have been way creepier.
How is there enough oomph in there for another one? Mine hang n shit, but there ain't room for a third. Guess I was born like that.
Have you named them yet? If not, are you open to suggestions? My fav: The Three Nuteteers. Thats definetly going in the hat.
So what's the big deal? Why can't you just surgically remove one? Should be simple as hell. I could and I might.
Do you think getting hit in the balls would hurt more or less without a third testical? It probably hurts more. I'm not sure if they all work. I would think at least one does.
What's your favorite color? That tint of purple you get in the veins when you bundle your balls.
So when someone says "Grow a pair" what do you do? Whip out my balls and say "I tried but failed"
Do you feel that having an extra ball makes up for being circumcised? I dont mind being circumsized.
In fairness, this would likely work at college bars pretty easily. It's kind of like a woman saying she has pierced nipples. there's only one way to be sure. And while they're looking with their eyes... Anyone else think this would make a great pickup line in the sleazier dives for this reason? That seems to be the concensus.
What's the sound of three balls slapping? Clack...delay...clack...echo.
Wow. They cut off your foreskin, but left you three testicles. You're lucky that they hadn't descended. You know those sick fucks would have wanted to take it from you. Does it hurt 50% more when you get kicked in the balls? Theres just a higher chance ill bebhit.
Is this your theme song? So far...yes.
How do you like your coffee? I hate coffee.
Good point. Do you have to get special ones? No just bigger.
Have you seen this? (Shameless x-ppost into comments). Link to Yes I have. I was flattered!
How the hell do you fuck!? excuse my brash manners, but seriously, does it hurt to even masturbate? Its not painful.
I Had cancer and lost a testicle. Can you spare one of yours? For a hefty sum!
I don't recommend getting surgery on your junk. I didn't enjoy it. Enjoy your three balls good sir. Haha okay:)
How tall are you? Head hair color? 6 feet blond/brown.
Does getting kicked in the balls hurt more than you'd expect it normally would? Theres a larger surface area to be hit!
Homo Eroticus? (great movie) Hahahaha.
Do you have extra testosterone?? or extra spermy loads? Nope and nope.
Would you say you have a high sex drive? Maybe?
Which ball do you consider to be the extra? Left, righty, or center...y? Yeah I dont really know. Id say left.
Do your parents know (maybe from when you were a baby?). Yuup.
Hope this isn't too personal but are your loads bigger than normal? Nope.
Rob Ford 4 Mayo. Yeahhh.
I bet if you auctioned the third one Lance Armstrong would pay big. I know. Id maybe go for $20 000.
Reminds me of an old joke. A guy has three balls and wants to make some money. So he goes into a bar and bet a guy that between them they have five balls. So they go into the bathroom and the other guy drops his pants and says, here's mine, lets see your four. Hahaha.
Extra large athletic protectors required. Definetly.
There are literally dozens of us! An army to be awoken!
Curious if you've had a sperm count test to see if all the plumbing works. (Might be worth doing at some point before the possibility of marriage rears its fertile head.) And, of course, there's that Monty Python sketch... I'm yet to have any testing done. I'm starting to think it would be a good idea though!
The good part is his deep manly voice. The bad part is he needs a beach towel for a spuge rag. Hahaha.
Will you draw faces on them and post it to /WTF :D. Hahahah.
I will respect you when you get three chicks to suck each nut at the same time. Apparently I'm yet to get your respect:(
Would you rather fight 3 Horse sized Human testicals. Or. 30 Human sized horse testicals. The second one.
Just got caught looking at your ball sack on the train.. Ahahhahah. At least they are nice balls.
I see you're freshly shaved and ready for the photoshoot. I am indeed.
Hey some asshole on a radio station i was listening to at work brought you up and just started yamming on about reddit and how you have 3 was actually kind of upsetting some stuff he was saying. thought you should know. sorry for the bad news. Hey I heard about some radio shows talking about me? I actually want to hear the kind of stuff he said please! I dont care if it was mean. Tell me!
So when you cum is it just like opening the floodgates of semen or just normal. I wish but im pretty sure its normal.
Nice AMA, you've sure got a set of balls to put a dick and balls pictures online. Haha I guess I do.
My ex-father-in-law boasted of having three balls as well, I never accepted his offer to see them. Clearly he was proud of them and had no need to be embarrassed! Haha thats awesome!
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